Andrew Kibe, Kamene Goro to finally go on air at Kiss FM

NRG Radio and former presenters Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro have finally agreed to bury the hatchet and go their separate ways.

The two vocal ex-presenters are now free to resume their new gig at Radio Africa’s Kiss FM after an out-of-court settlement was arrived at.

Speaking to EDAILY on Tuesday, Xtian Dela – who will be producing the duo’s breakfast show – revealed that Kibe and Kamene as well as the NRG Radio management engaged in a closed-door meeting in which a “gentleman’s agreement” was reached.

“We are going on air on Monday,” said Xtian, adding that there were no costs or damages incurred by either party during the out-of-court settlement.

NRG Radio previously dragged the duo to court over a breach of their non-compete and for leaving without serving the correct notice period.

“They woke up one day and told management that they were leaving,” said the source. “They informed the company of their leaving on a Tuesday and left three days later. Their notice was supposed to be one month.”

“The non-compete details that the two would have spent sometime off-air to give the station some time to reorganise their strategy and look for replacements,” the source added.

Kibe and Kamene were set to formally begin working at Kiss FM on Monday July 1, 2019.

However, A Nairobi court temporarily barred them from taking up their new employment pending hearing and determination of the case.

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