Kenyans react after sugar daddy leaves 4 women to pay Ksh.282K alcohol bill

Kenyan social media users have applauded an elderly South African man believed to have left four women [Slay Queens] settle a bill of Ksh282, 000 (R37, 340) after downing bottles of alcohol at a nightclub.

The South African entertainment joint, however, refuted claims that the women were abandoned by a sugar daddy, resulting in their detention at the nightclub last weekend, after they failed to raise the money.

Zero13 Lifestyle, a restaurant in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, said Tuesday that it was true the women downed drinks worth Ksh282, 000 at the entertainment joint; and that they managed to settle the bill, contrary to viral online posts.

“Zero13 would like to formally address the rumours going around on social media about ‘the bill’. The stories are completely untrue and fabricated; the bill was paid and there were no issues as implied,” said the entertainment joint in a Facebook post.

“We would like to ask people to refrain from reposting or posting these stories as they are unfounded and far from true. Zero13 would like to formally apologise for any misunderstanding arising from this incident.”

Despite the disclaimer by the eatery and entertainment joint, Kenyans online still believe the initial script – that a sugar daddy went missing after the women had extravagantly downed bottles of alcohol.

And in a uniform tone, they reacted to the allegations after EDAILY on Wednesday posted to its Facebook page and CitizenTV Kenya social media handles a story titled: ‘Nightclub responds after online reports say four women were detained after a ‘sugar daddy’ left them with unpaid bill of Ksh282, 000’.

Facebook user Waiyaki Cate said: “That man [sugar daddy] should be rewarded. That is how these lazy slay queens should be treated. [If you take them out], let them eat, drink, eat, drink again, then just leave them to settle the bill.”

Castro Bin Zu said: “That man [sugar daddy] should be given a 57-gun salute, and escorted to Singapore, [where he should be allowed to] share a table of coffee (sic) with U.S. President Donald Trump and South Korea’s Kim Jong Un. What he [sugar daddy] did was heroic.”

Maggie Shi Mungai wrote: “Congrats to that buddy. He did it perfectly. I think he should be awarded the best trophy of 2018. The boy child has improved.”

Janjaz Martins Makumu said: “Where is that man [sugar daddy]? He needs to be appointed the deputy governor [of Nairobi] for doing a good job. Slay queens have been given a taste of their own medicine.”

Joel Oddy said: “You mean they drank an equivalent of a whole acre of land in Matungulu?”

Washington Mutuku said: “I am appealing to the Zambian MPs who are bound for Kenya to benchmark on how to deal with corruption to also organise a trip to South Africa, where they can get tips on how to ruthlessly deal with slay queens.”

Ken Ignatius said: “Congratulations to the boy child fraternity for opening their eyes. The cause is on and must be maintained. Keep it up.”

Nicolas Mwas said: “I can imagine how they were cat-walking to the toilet to avoid getting drunk before dawn. They were probably yelling, laughing, shaking their weaved heads (sic) and telling each other: ‘Huyu mjinga tutakula pesa yake mpaka morning’. Little did they know that they were producing their own movie.”

Kimaru Masta said: “Slay queen and her slay assistants beaten in their own game. God intervened for Mama watoto and her children.”

Butuba Nitaitika said: “Some women take men for fools. You are invited for a date alone, and here you come with your team; not forgetting the guy only had your budget.”

Franklin Ndubi said: “That guy [sugar daddy] needs Head of State Commendation (HSC).”

Pauline Macharia said: “Ladies learn to work and eat your own sweat. These sugar daddies are not loyal. Be contented with what you earn.”

Adepoju James said: “Ksh282K – this is the kind of money I want to have. The kind of money that would make my in-laws apologise to me, even if I go for my traditional wedding late. The kind of money which will make my in-laws be like: ‘Our son, we are sorry you came late. It is our fault for waking up very early’.”

Isa Hussein said: “At least the boy child is coming back to his senses. Congratulations! We have to recover the money we lost over the years. It is a goal-goal (G-G).

Bonny Musyoka said: “He [sugar daddy] invited one and not a choir. Where were they going?”

A video of the four South African women “stranded” at Zero13 Lifestyle after a man allegedly left them with the Ksh282, 000 bill went viral last weekend.

In the video, the women clutch their bags while looking around to see if their ‘sugar daddy’, who had asked them out, would reappear.

According to the bill, the four women had feasted on two platters of meat, quenched their thirst with different brands of alcoholic drinks, including a bottle of Hennessy and a bottle of 18-year-old Glenfiddich Scotch whisky.

The video was first shared by a South African online user, who urged women to ensure they carry money with them anytime they are asked out by a stranger.

The story was also published in a South African daily.



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