Kirinyaga man killed after he’s busted with cousin’s wife in forest

Police in Kirinyaga are looking for a middle-aged man who killed his wife’s 50-year-old lover at Kanjuu Village in Njuki-ini South Location, Gichugu Constituency.

The suspect, Ephantus Ndambiri, caught Dickson Gichobi, having sexual intercourse with his wife at Kwa Martin Forest on Thursday at around 9pm.

Ndambiri, thereafter, hit the back of Gichobi’s head with a walking stick, killing him on the spot.

The suspect then went to the home of Gichobi’s father and informed him that he had killed Gichobi, a married man.

“He was carrying my son’s pair of trousers, when he arrived at my place. He then informed me that he had killed him. Ndambiri should have broken my son’s legs, and not killed him. You know the woman he slept with was under the influence of alcohol,” said Gichobi’s father.

EDAILY understands Ndambiri and Gichobi were cousins.

Njuki-ini South chief Geoffrey Kariuki says the suspect had, in the past, warned Ndambiri’s family that he would kill the now-deceased should he continue “sleeping with my wife”.

According to area residents, unfaithful couples have been using Kwa Martin Forest to engage in illicit sexual activities.

“They like the forest because very few people pass by it; and again prostitutes prefer it because no lodging fees are charged,” said a resident.

“Women, especially the married ones, should shun immorality to prevent incidents such as this one from happening,” said a neighbour.

The body of Dickson Gichobi has been moved to Kibugi Funeral Home in Kutus.


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