Police van crashes while chasing rogue matatu, one death confirmed



One person died Tuesday night after a police van that was chasing a rogue matatu rammed pedestrians at Itumbe Market on Kisii-Kilgoris road.

Twenty-six-year-old Joseph Mogaka, who owns a stall in the market, died on the spot, while other pedestrians sustained minor injuries.

The injured were taken to Kisii Level Five Hospital and Lenmek health facility.

The accident happened when a rogue matatu — that the police van was pursuing — veered off the road and careened towards the roadside market.

The police van driver also followed the matatu in what local residents say was a “daft” move.

The van eventually hit the matatu on the rear part after killing Mogaka in the process of their pursuit.

Following the impact of the crash, tens of unused bullets – belonging to the cops – scattered on the ground.

Mogaka’s family now want action to be taken against police officers, who were in the killer van.

According to eyewitnesses, the law enforcement agents flagged down the matatu driver, but the PSV operator refused to stop, instead speeding away.

Local residents barricaded the busy Kisii-Kilgoris road, demanding immediate removal of OCS Geoffrey Wang’ombe, saying he has “overstayed” in the area.

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