Wolper: Men have been using us as ladders toward stardom


Popular actress Jacqueline Wolper has urged male celebrities from Tanzania to refrain from using female entertainers as ladders toward stardom.

Wolper accuses a section of male entertainers from Tanzania, such as musicians and actors, of dating female superstars in the country to gain fame, and, thereafter, discard them.

Wolper says many female artists have become aware of such tricks employed by men, and have, consequently, given romantic relationships or marriages a wide berth.

“Many actresses in Tanzania have opted to grow their careers instead of giving marriage a thought. That’s why – in some instances –, five years would end without you seeing any female movie star tying the knot,” Wolper told Tanzania’s Amani newspaper.

Jacqueline Wolper was, in the past, rumoured to have dated singer Diamond Platnumz before he rose to regional stardom.

The film star was in a relationship with Diamond’s buddy and fellow WCB musician, Harmonize. The two, however, went separate ways after their love affair became irretrievable.

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