Hot Drive – Zindzi Kibiku & Patrick Igunza

(Mon -Fri 3pm-7pm with Patrick Igunza and Zindzi Kibiku.)

Tune in to this cool, energetic and fun drive.

Igunza is your official street disciple while Yvonne is the uptown African Queen.

Mode of engagement: Social media and call ins

Show elements

‘My Story’- Everyone has a story to share, some heartbreaking others inspiring but all deserve to be told. We take on real life stories that you wont hear anywhere else.

Radio gladiators: After a long day, you want to unwind and have some fun. We give our listeners a chance to pick from two sing a long songs and win some cash.

Friday hangout: We invite artistes to hang out with us. A regular hangout? Not so much, This includes food, drinks and lots of DJ mixes. It’s the party before the party.