DP Ruto: I’ll employ ‘jobless’ Mlumulwas only on this condition


Deputy President Dr William Ruto has offered Dennis Ruto Kapchok, alias Mlumulwas, a job after West Pokot Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo derided him [Kapchok] as “idle and jobless”.

Speaking in West Pokot during his tour of the region on Friday, Ruto said Mlumulwas “must stop opposing the county government’s development work” if he really wants the job.

The deputy president, however, did not reveal the specific nature or position he would give to Mlumulwas.

“I heard your governor complaining about one Mlumulwas, who hails from your neighbourhood here. The governor said Mlumulwas is unemployed. I want to say this, I’ll get Mlumulwas employment. He, however, must stop opposing the [county] government in its bid to bring development in the area. He must refrain. His work shouldn’t entail stopping the construction of a sewerage system somewhere within the county. That is not work; that is stupidity. If he wants [to do something meaningful], he should look for a job, and I am ready to help him get a job. Opposing the government, shouldn’t be Mlumulwas’s priority. Actually, he should really watch his step,” said the deputy president to much applause by the West Pokot crowd.

“Kijana fupi, amenona, round; huwezi jua tumbo ni wapi na mgongo ni wapi… Hana kazi, hana kazi…” were the words Governor John Lonyangapuo used to describe Kapchok, a former MCA aspirant who questioned the county chief on why he settled on a deputy who lives and works as medical expert in the US.

The governor’s phrase became a massive hit on social media.

In March this year, Kapchok came out to vehemently deny Governor Lonyangapuo’s claim that he [Kapchok] is jobless.

“I do advocacy work, I do research and I am a consultant in resource mobilization,” he told NTV on March 29.

Dennis Ruto Kapchok at NTV offices in Nairobi. [PHOTO | SCREENGRAB]
Dennis Ruto Kapchok at NTV offices in Nairobi. [PHOTO | SCREENGRAB]

Kapchok, who ran for MCA seat on a KANU ticket in the August 8, 2017 general election, said he was offended at first when he heard the governor describe him as plump and round.

“When I heard the governor describing me using such words, I felt bad at first because that is body-shaming and it is not right. Anyway, at the end of the day, I laughed it off,” Kapchok told NTV.

The ward politician said he often asked people if they could visually separate his back from the stomach, and the respondents always answered him in the affirmative.

“I tell them:  Can you see my stomach, they say ‘yes’; can you see my back, they say ‘yes’. So, what is the problem?” posed Kapchok.

The married man said his children also knew about the “kijana fupi, round” tag, but were unaware that the governor used those words to describe him.

“When I went home, I found my little boy and girl telling me: ‘Baba, umeskia [governor akisema] kijana fupi, amenona, round’? They did not know who was who,” Kapchok told the TV outlet.

Governor Lonyangapuo summarised Kapchok’s physical appearance with the word “Mlumulwas”.

Kapchok told NTV: “Mlumulwas means something that is round like a ball. The governor used that word to describe me. I do not know whether I am round as he describes, but it was just an exaggeration.”

The ex-MCA hopeful said he would continue opposing the governor along ideological lines.

“We have started what we are calling Mlumulwas Movement that will roll him out of office if he is not careful,” said Kapchok.

Kapchok said despite that “derogatory” tag, “I do not have any issue with the governor in person.”

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