Ex-‘Auntie Boss’ actress Shiru and her husband Wainaina retrieve their marriage


Former “Auntie Boss” actress, Nice Wanjeri, popularly known as Shiru, and her husband Titus Wainaina have retrieved their marriage, which had recently ended temporarily.

Mr Wainana last Thursday (November 1) posted a message to his Facebook page, saying his marriage to the former “Aunty Boss” star had collapsed.

On the social media post, Titus Wainaina claimed that Ms Wanjeri was hardly at home to attend to her roles as a wife and mother.

“Why am I using Facebook [to break the news about my personal life]? My marriage is over. [It is] so painful, I swear! I saw it [break-up] coming, though. Success causes absenteeism, lack of bonding and a lack of family time. Why did I imagine we would last forever? We are both artists. It [collapsing of marriage] is normal. It doesn’t work,” said Mr Wainaina on Facebook.

The actress’s husband, upon receiving flak from his followers for publicly sharing his personal marital problems, deleted the social media post.

And now Mr Wainaina has come out to claim that he was hasty in arriving at the decision to announce the break up.

Speaking to “The Star” newspaper recently, Mr Wainina said: “What I had said was past tense. It is best I sort of know exactly what is happening. I can’t conclude now. Everything has its ups and downs and I think it’s too soon to decide or know what is happening.”

“Let’s say yes [we have ironed out our issues]. At times not everything works. We have our ups and downs, which is normal. I may have acted out of the feelings I [had] at that time but it’s something we are handling,” added Mr Wainaina.

Ms Wanjeri is yet to address the whole issue.

Mr Wainaina and Ms Wanjeri, who have been together for over seven years, are parents to a young girl, whose name is Tasha.

Mr Wainaina is a musician and emcee.

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