George Kagwe: ‘M-Pesa lady’ character was created at midnight

By Karanja Morgan

Kenyan actor and comedian George Kagwe became an online sensation after a video of him imitating a woman working as an M-Pesa agent surfaced online some few months ago.

In the video he is able to clearly depict the behavior and attitude that most M-Pesa attendants usually portray when serving customers.

His character on the video; an M-Pesa lady with a Maasai leso wrapped around the shoulders, would grow to gain tract seeing most Kenyans downloading and sharing it on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube And Facebook.

In a Tuesday interview with Willis Raburu on Citizen TV the now popular comedian admitted that the idea of imitating the M-Pesa lady character had nagged him for a long time before he actually decided to do it on a midnight.

“M-Pesa lady was born on the first week of June on a Tuesday or Wednesday at midnight. I had this idea percolating in my mind for a very long time,” said George.

He went on to explain how on one night as they were headed to sleep after watching a movie with his wife he insisted on shooting the clip.

As fate would have it after shooting the video it went viral and, as he revealed, he gained audience from as far as Tanzania.

It is after this that he decided to build on the character of the M-Pesa lady having to perform different roles while still maintaining the same character and attitude.

In the process of doing so the character acquired a unique characteristic that the audience fell in love with; an infectious laughter.

During the ongoing census exercise, another video of him went viral as he imitated the enumerators with the clip attracting over 30,ooo views on Instagram alone.

George started doing his online videos back in 2014 on YouTube after he missed out severally on getting roles at his acting career.

At the time he was attached to an agency where he later quit to form his own digital company agency doing custom made videos for clients.

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