Kilifi’s Mangororo Primary School: Where pupils sit on bricks & teachers relieve themselves in bushes


The plight of a little-known primary school in Ganze Constituency, Kilifi County has been highlighted on social media, exposing the hardship learners and teachers are subjected to — at least eight hours a day.

At Mangororo Primary School, pupils sit on bricks while studying; and their teachers, on the other hand, relieve themselves in nearby bushes, says the institution’s Parents Teacher Association (PTA) chairperson Justus Mwaringa Mwagona.

Mwagona further says the school has inadequate classrooms.

He attributes the plight to negligence of the highest order by the county education office and the ministry of education.

The school, whose student population is 300, currently needs at least six classrooms to accommodate the pupils who learn in mud-walled structures and under trees, says Board of Management chairperson Patos Baya.

Mangororo Primary PTA chief, Mwagona, says the school has no desks, “even a single one”.

“Teachers are forced to relieve themselves in bushes because there are no toilets around,” said Mwagona.

The PTA chairperson has called out local leadership, saying despite filing complaints with the ministry of education offices in Kilifi, no help — of any form — has come their way.

“It seems the local leaders dislike this school with a passion. Other schools [in Ganze] are being developed day in day out, yet this one remains neglected. If I wasn’t Kenyan, I would think that this school doesn’t exist in Kenya,” said Mwagona.

Mangororo Primary School head teacher, Gertrude Nyambu, says urgent intervention is needed to facilitate meaningful learning at the facility.

Nyambu says she has been forced to convert her office into a nursery classroom.

Her office, she says, also serves as the storage center for food and teachers’ teaching materials.

Pictures of pupils seated on bricks in flooded classrooms sparked uproar on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter early Wednesday, with online users calling for prompt action to be taken to salvage the situation.

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