OKOTH: Vera Sidika & Otile Brown, you can do better in seeking publicity


I recently deliberated on whether to write the story about musician “Otile Brown feeding off socialite Vera Sidika”, but I did not.

The duty of not taking my audience for granted, and a strong need not to feed them fluff, got the better of me.

Okay, this is what I am talking about:

On Saturday, October 27, Sidika took to Instagram to claim that Otile Brown was borrowing her money to the tune of a half a million shillings so that he could top up and buy a Mercedes Benz car model of registration plate KCC….

And, as private as the said conversation was, Sidika did not respect that aspect of privacy, and decided to share with the whole world screenshots of her messages with the “money-borrower” Otile Brown.

She said “men who borrow money are a turn-off [to women]”, and that the musician resumed his money-borrowing tendencies shortly after their reunion, which was preceded by a two-month “break up”, beginning August, 2018 to October, 2018.

And in her break up post early August, Sidika sensationally claimed Otile Brown used her to climb to national stardom and popularity.

She further said she agreed to feature as a video vixen in the musician’s song titled “Baby Love” without pay.

And after “being used” in that video, Otile Brown took off, Sidika said.

Otile Brown, thereafter, chose to give media interviews a wide berth, going to an extent of switching off his mobile phone for a few days.

Later, he says in social circles that he would address Vera’s claims.

He, a few days later, comes up with a very unconvincing explanation as to why he “broke up” with Vera, saying: “Vera did something that really turned me off”, suggesting he would give a more concrete response later.

A few weeks later, the musician releases a song titled “Niacheni” insinuating he dumped Sidika after she “aborted his baby”. And, as he had wanted, the song goes ahead to get 1.1 million YouTube views in one month; that is quite much by Kenyan standards.

Thereafter, the two ‘reunited’ in Dubai in ‘accidental’ circumstances. That was in early October 2018. And, as the “love story” would have it, they rekindled their romantic relationship.

And three weeks later, Vera camps, again, on Instagram to claim that Otile is a financial parasite, and suggested that he “got back together with her for her money”.

Vera, in the late October post, said when she was single, “no man was borrowing money from me”.

The socialite, thereafter, goes to her YouTube channel to detail how Otile Brown “broke up with me again!” She got over 150, 000 views for that video in a span of two days.

And a day later, Otile Brown takes to Instagram to make counter-claims, that it was Vera who borrowed large sums of money from him so that she “could floss it online”.

Otile ended his gripe by saying he was “completely done” with Vera, and signing off with a “mapenzi hayalazimishwi” remark.

The highlighted chronology of events is just a tip of the iceberg of the love affair that is Otile Brown and Vera Sidika’s.

And, I am nearly 100% sure, the two people will reunite at sometime in the not-so-far future, and split, shortly thereafter.

Why are they doing this? To have people speaking about them, blogs writing about them, be relevant so that they can quote high rate cards for club appearances and performances.

They want to be the most popular celebrity “couple” in Kenya, but at what cost? Taking audiences as commodities and media outlets as editorially weak information pipes that would publish anything and everything that goes on in their lives, no matter how useless and trivial it may be.

No, I won’t be used as a conveyer belt for that.

Otile Brown, release good, super-cool music, and I will support you; pin the music video to the top of the website.

Vera Sidika, take part in charity work, tree-planting programmes etc, I will publicise that.

You breaking up over “who borrows more money than the other from the other”, no, that is your personal issue. We all have money-problems in our relationships.

And, just to be respectful of the audience that reads us, we better feed them with “quality gossip”, that is there are grades to classify gossip.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan broke up in February, 2018 and that remains to be the most-read article on our website because, at least for them, their break up was real!


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