Rose Muhando surfaces, speaks for the first time since ‘spiritual healing’ video


Popular Tanzanian gospel musician Rose Muhando is fine healthwise nearly five months after she was video-taped being “delivered from demonic oppression” by controversial preacher James Maina Ng’ang’a.

A video which shows Rose Muhando in the company of gospel artistes Solomon Mkubwa, Annastacia Mukabwa and Nancy Chebet has surfaced on Facebook.

In the video, the musicians are driving in a vehicle and Solomon Mkubwa’s song “Futa Machozi” is heard playing on the background.

It remains unclear the location of shoot of the now viral video, which was uploaded to Annastacia Mukabwa’s Facebook page on Friday evening.

“Thank you very much God’s children. As you can see, I am fine and healthy,” said Rose Muhando.

On his part, Solomon Mkubwa said: “God has done something that no human being would have managed to do. Our sister [Rose Muhando] is going to knock on the doors of Christians because God has allowed her to do so.”

An elated Annastacia Mukabwa said “the queen of gospel music is back”.

“The queen of gospel music, sister Rose Muhando, is fully back to the scene with a bang. We thank you for praying for her. She is doing fine. God has restored her to her former self.”

Last year November, a video of Rose Muhando rolling and screaming on the floor as she received prayers from Pastor Ng’ang’a went viral.

The video attracted controversy with a section of Kenyans claiming that the “spiritual healing” was staged by Pastor Ng’ang’a.

Annastacia Mukabwa would later, in an interview with Radio Citizen’s Willy Tuva, say that Rose Muhando was “unaware” of what happened at Pastor Ng’ang’a’s church.

Ms Mukabwa told Mr Tuva that by the time Rose Muhando video was circulating online on November 20, the Tanzanian superstar had already been admitted to hospital and she “remained unaware of the video, which subjected her to online pity, scrutiny and speculations of drug abuse”.

Rose Muhando, however, in past media interviews refuted claims linking her to drug and substance abuse.

“Taking Rose Muhando to hospital wasn’t an easy task. God helped me. I had to use all means possible to ensure that she was taken to hospital. My main goal – from the word go – was that she gets specialised treatment in hospital,” Ms Mukabwa told Mr Tuva in December 2018.

“I tried the much I could to ensure she got the much-needed medical attention. We got to hospital, even without her knowledge. By the time the exorcism video was being widely shared online, Rose Muhando was already admitted.

“What do you think would have happened if the video came out when she wasn’t under medical caregivers? Maybe, she would have killed herself. As I am speaking to you, she knows nothing about the video – at all! We are the ones talking extensively about that video, but to her, all is well,” said Ms Mukabwa, adding: “I am waiting for her to recover; and she will tell the whole truth about her story.”

And now, according to Ms Mukabwa, Rose Muhando is “fully back on her feet”.

Ms Mukabwa said both Kenyan and Tanzanian governments joined hands to ensure Rose Muhando health was restored.



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