Tanzanian artiste Harmonize answers back Willy Paul


High-riding Tanzanian musician Harmonize has for the first time responded to Willy Paul’s claims that he [Harmonize] failed to promote their hit collaboration, Pilipili Remix, in Tanzania the same way Willy Paul has done in Kenya.

Willy Paul had recently taken to social media platform, Instagram, to call out Harmonize for failing to reciprocate his good-will.

“This is so sad! Honestly speaking, let us not be people who are just after using others. Let us learn to support. And if we agree to support then let us do it wholeheartedly. It is a small world we are living in. You might be at the top today but remember tomorrow is not guaranteed. Learn to live with people!” read Willy Paul’s gripe.

“Before I forget, thank you to the whole WCB Wasafi, Diamond Platnumz and Babu Tale, Sallam for letting me use Harmonize in the song Pilipili Remix. God bless you all,” he added.

Speaking on Hot 96FM on Friday, May 4, Harmonize said he had several music projects to push online; admitting he could have failed to promote Pilipili Remix the same way he promoted other songs such as Kwangwaru. But, he says, the success of Kwangwaru overshadowed that of Pilipili Remix, which, as a result, justifies why Willy Paul feels disregarded.

“If you think I am not honouring a pledge, it is only appropriate and fair to reach out to me and request that I promote the song online or in my country,” Harmonize told Rhythm Junction host Lulu Saidi Friday morning.

“At a time we released Pilipili Remix, we had many other projects that I was pushing online. I had, first, released Pilipili, then Kwangwaru, then Pilipili Remix and, thereafter, shot a video for Kwangwaru. Kwangwaru was doing well on YouTube, and, as a result, took away the shine from Pilipili Remix,” said Harmonize.

The Bongo star, nonetheless, says Pilipili Remix is a big success in Tanzania.

“Tanzanians love it. Willy Paul, probably, had a lot of expectations from the song. That could have been the problem,” said Harmonize.

The singer is in Nairobi, Kenya for the official launch of a high-end entertainment joint in Kilimani called High Club. The event is slated for Saturday, May 5.

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