Teaser: “Fight” over female radio presenter causes havoc at station

“Fight” over female radio presenter causes havoc at station

Mzee Jalang’o recently joined Hot 96FM from Radio Maisha, and being a new broom on the block, he found a status quo that one DJ Teeboy would not have loved be disrupted.

The status quo is: DJ Teeboy and mid morning host Terry Muikamba are close buddies, really close. However, when Jalang’o joined Hot 96FM, he and Terry got along – well – almost immediately, arousing jealousy in DJ Teeboy.

“I feel Jalang’o is getting too close to Miss Sunshine (Terry Muikamba), he is taking away my sunshine. I do not like it at all,” said Teeboy.

However, Dj Teeboy clarified that his statement should be treated lightly and that he and Jalang’o are in good terms.

Terry Muikamba’s show, Rhythm Junction, airs Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm.

Jalang’o has been paired alongside Jeff Koinange – and the duo beginning Thursday, April 27, have been hosting the freshest breakfast show on radio.

“We are glad the show has been trending on social media since its debut,” said Jalang’o.

“Jalang’o and I were friends even before we joined Hot 96FM. That explains why we link quite well on air. Let me tell you, when we get the hang of that desk and everything is running smoothly…we’ll be unbeatable, unstoppable!” said Jeff.

Tune in to Hot 96FM every Monday to Friday from 6am to 10am to listen the two.

The frequencies are: Nairobi 96.0, Mombasa 90.4, Kisumu 103.1, Nakuru 102.5, Eldoret 87.7, Nyeri 88.6.

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