The untold story of how Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime Baraza first met wife Chiki

Sauti Sol lead vocalist Bien-Aime Baraza and his wife Chiki have spilled previously unknown secrets about how they first met and started dating.

The couple, speaking on episode six of Sauti Sol’s reality show Sol Family that airs on Maisha Magic Plus Channel 163 every Sunday at 7:30pm, said they met at a concert and were introduced by leading photographer Emmanuel Jambo, who was at one time President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official photographer.

Chiki and her two best friends, Samantha and Natalie – who are half Nigerian and half Kenyan – had just moved to Kenya from London at the time.

“The moment I landed in Kenya I knew that I loved it; my uncle and aunt were here and my best friends were here, it was like I picked up parts of my life and just moved them here,” she said.

“Talib Kweli came to perform in Kenya six years ago, one of my very close friends here is a guy called Emmanuel Jambo. I won tickets to go see Talib Kweli so I went with Emmanuel Jambo. When I was entering, this big loud group of boys were entering at the same time.”

She added: “So Emmanuel was like ‘come meet my friends, this is Sauti Sol.’ Bien, as he is now, was just the loudest most charismatic person I had met since I arrived here and I was a bit overwhelmed by this ball of energy.”

Bien, on his part, remembers running into Chiki with Emmanuel hence the first thought that crossed his mind was that the two were dating.

And so he said to the photographer, “Emmanuel si unachapa kitu safi.”

Nothing much happened between them on that first meeting, it was on second meet that they actually got to speak more and get to know each other.

“I bumped into her again at another party with Emmanuel, one of her friend’s was a fan of Sauti Sol so they came up to me to say hi and take a picture,” he recalled.

Chiki stated: “I went to another event of Emmanuel Jambo’s…I wasn’t actually going to go, a friend of mine from the UK had a friend who had just moved to Kenya and she was like ‘look, my friend doesn’t know anyone, please take her out.’ The girl turns up at my house ready to turn up, I put on my clothes begrudgingly and I went.”

“This girl lived in Rwanda, Sauti Sol were the biggest group there…so we’re sitting down and I just feel her go kind of like numb and she’s holding my leg and she’s like ‘oh my god, look who just turned up….that guy is from Sauti Sol, you don’t know him?’” Me being the big mouth that I am I was like ‘Girl I know him, come let me introduce you.’”

According to Chiki, they spoke for about four or five hours that night before they finally exchanged numbers on the promise that she was going to hook the boy band up with British-Ghanaian star Fuse ODG for a collabo.

Bien texted her later and they agreed to meet up for lunch, he took her to Mama Oliech for fish and ugali which did not exactly go so well due to culture differences and food preferences but they powered throuigh it nevertheless and later went out for drinks.

“Chiki is the love of my life…Chiki is my biggest enemy, I don’t know how you can love and fight with someone that much. When I met her I wasn’t actually looking for love in her, but in her I felt like I was drinking a fresh glass of juice,” he said.

Chiki, on her part, said: “I don’t believe in love at first sight, never have, but Bien and I have had a connection from day one.”

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