Throwback photos of Andrew Kibe when he used to be a pastor

On the streets, Andrew Kibe is a roughneck. He speaks carelessly, he is brutal and is known for his brash and sometimes controversial anti-slay queen remarks.

And it started years ago on Facebook where he ran a successful but controversial video segment in which he offered unsolicited life advice to men.

In between, he would throw in curse words and quickly but made a name for himself before teaming up with media enchantress Kamene Goro for a breakfast stint at Energy Radio.

Yidder yadder, the two un-hinged hosts took over the airwaves and caught the attention of Radio Africa’s Kiss FM.

All the while, Kibe who has made numerous appearances on TV maintains his bad-boy mien and nearly fools everyone.

Unknown to most people, Kibe used to be a preacher back in the day.

Andrew Kibe back in his preaching days. Photo: Courtesy

Photos that have surfaced online show Kibe dressed in baggy official trousers, a baggy coat while cradling a bible on his left arm.

In others, he is standing in line with a team of preachers among them, motivational speaker cum preacher Robert Burale.

He was part of a preaching group that included seasoned preacher Robert Burale

The exact genesis of his degeneration to the character he is today is not known.

Today, a bio by his former employer notes that he only believes in three things;

1. A woman’s sexual satisfaction is not his responsibility.
2. Women were created for the sole purpose of child bearing.
3. It is impossible for a (gorgeous) woman to have a platonic relationship with a (handsome) man.

And it looks like the antics of this former preacher will not be ceasing anytime soon.

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