DropZone – Rapcha

(Mon – Thur, 7pm–10pm)
Three hours of straight street wisdom, sheng and hood life served with comedy & fun.

The show takes the form of a real county assembly complete with a speaker and the listeners making up the members.

The language is sheng and the tune is dancehall music.

Mode of engagement: social media and call ins

Show elements
Mheshimiwa of the day: Done on Facebook. Hours before the show, the hosts ask listeners to put up pictures of themselves. The picture with the most votes gets to be the mheshimiwa of the day. Their picture is posted on the official Hot 96 fb page.

Epuka Kisanga: This segment allows the ‘locals’ to call in and alert the public on the areas they shouldn’t visit or should be cautious about when there

Diaspora Connect: We have a large fan base in the Diaspora. Those in the Diaspora record voice notes and share with us to play on air.