Rhythm Junction – Terry Muikamba

Weekdays (10 a.m – 2 p.m)

This is considered a hang out joint where young people come and hang out with their friends aka squads, hence the “junction”. We focus on entertainment, latest music and influencers.
The playlist is thronged with urban African hits R&B and groovy jams.

Mode of engagement: Social media and call ins

Show elements include :
Double Dose of Reggae – They play two hit reggae songs back to back.

Methali of the day – The hosts pick a methali/proverb and ask the listeners to complete and also elaborate on it. This is done on social media and through call ins.

Peculiar Kenyans – They highlight behaviors that are common/synonymous with Kenyans.

Interview Hour: (11am-12pm)
We host personalities that our demographic consider as influencers, mentors. We focus on teaching young people basic life skills that they won’t get in class